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Do you need the help of a specialist or the advice of a family doctor? Do you want to change your lifestyle? 
Send a medical request anywhere, anytime.
With Recomedica it’s easy to take care of your health!


Prevent instead of cure

Anybody can prevent painstaking and expensive treatment plans by being proactive about their health.

24/7 medical assistance

Our doctors are available around the clock in order to answer all your medical questions.

Stop wasting time

We help you save precious time – our responses come in less than 15 minutes.

No more paper files

Reecomedica PRO enables you to store all your medical records in one place, safe and accessible.

How it works?

Talk with any health specialist, from doctors to yoga instructors, through a request that takes 2 minutes to complete



are the first line in the process, they make the case triage, add new medical entities and manage each request


come with in-depth expertise for all the areas of human body, they are assigned by GP’s in cases for medical interventions, second opinions or any small concern 


are empowering the day-by-day activities of people’s health and wellbeing. From Personal Trainer to psychologists or yoga teachers they are keeping everything on track for YOU


are helping with medical data resulting in a better view of YOUr health. Recomedica collaborate with a lot of medical services, such as lab analysis, radiotherapy, or CT scans

Enjoy our free services

Free Medical Check

Through the Recomedica Free service you get the help and advice of family doctors from our team. Send a medical request at any time

Covid-19 Monitoring

Family doctors monitor your case, even if it's closed. You can keep us up to date with the evolution of symptoms and get the attention you need

Our Partners

We want to build a healthy medical system, and YOU can be part of the community now!