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Send a medical request anytime and anywhere. Whether you want to change your lifestyle, you need the help of a specialist or some advice from a family doctor, our team is here to assist you.

How Recomedica PRO works?

Our platform enables you to quickly get in contact with a medic or a health specialist who will provide you with useful advice and information.


Family Doctors (or GPs) are the first that come in contact with patients and they decide the level of medical urgency and what specialty that person needs to see.

Medical Specialists

Medical Specialists are those that take over a medical request when the family doctor asks for their intervention. They maintain communication with patients and with family doctors until the case is resolved.

Health Specialists

Health specialists are concerned with the other aspects of people’s health and wellbeing. Their specializations range from psychologist or fitness trainer to nutritionist or yoga teacher.

Other medical services

We want to put as many medical services at the disposal of our patients, such as lab analysis, radiotherapy or CT scans.

We want to better people’s lives and to create a healthy medical system. If you want to be part of our team, register now!

Free Services

CoVid-19 Evaluation

With the help of family doctors, we monitor your case, even if it has been declared closed. Through the same CommuniCare system, you can keep us up to date with the evolution of COVID-19 symptoms, receiving the attention you need.

Free Evaluation

Through the RecoMedica Free service you get the help and advice of family doctors from our team. You can send a medical request at any time to benefit from specialized information about your problem, guidance in the medical system and the attention of a doctor.

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